Partners of Sex Addicts

Are you a spouse or in a relationship with someone who is struggling with compulsive sexuality or addiction?  Has your marriage or relationship been impacted by infidelity? Regardless of the type of behavior, be it one affair, multiple affairs or addiction, we recognize the betrayal and hurt, and the significant impact this has had on you and your relationship.  What you are experiencing is trauma, and you do not have to work through the trauma alone.  

We at Behind The Veil Consultations, PLLC understand what the pain of initial discovery or disclosure is like.  We also understand the importance of working through that trauma, and how valuable working through all of the thoughts and emotion, as well as uncertainty, in an atmosphere of emotional safety, support, and trust can be.   Taking that first step to either call or email can be overwhelming.  We understand that too, and we are here to help. You can call us for a free 15 minute consultation, and talk with someone who is here to support you, validate your feelings, and help you work through the pain.

Why not take that step and contact us today?