Links and Resources

If you are the spouse or family member of someone caught in the bondage of sexual addiction please join us every Wednesday from 7-7:30 AM, for THE SAFE PLACE conference call.  To obtain the telephone number of the call, please call our office at 804-536-7232. You can click on the link below to hear a previous call.

If you have experienced trauma and are looking for a resource that will enable you to work through your pain, offer encouragement , or even provide a literal picture of hope that you can overcome, please consider purchasing the following book; Some Trust in Chariots: Trauma and the Long Road to Recovery, by Moira Sanderson.  This book can be purchased on

Crossway Coaching –There are times when those dealing with the stronghold of sexual addiction as well as their loved ones are in need of more support than therapy alone can provide.  For a spouse, having someone who “get’s it” and who is able to be a supportive ear void of judgement is life-giving and life changing.  Laura Williams is a certified professional coach, certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She has also received 47 hours of training through AASAT (American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy), which enables her to work with those dealing with sexual addiction and their spouses.