Couples Intensives 

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Sometimes, couples present with very complex issues and need more than just weekly sessions in order to appropriately address and work through those issues.  Additionally, with varying work schedules, couples can sometimes become frustrated with attempts at finding a time during their busy work week that will enable both to attend the counseling session.  In order to meet the needs of couples, Behind The Veil Consultations, Pllc offers Couples Intensives options!

Couples Intensives are tailored specifically to address the needs of each individual couple. They provide the couple with uninterrupted session time, the ability work through their issues in a shorter time period, and at a lower cost as well. Couples are able to experience the progress of 3 to 6 months of weekly counseling sessions in one intensive!


Package 1: Half-day Couple Intensive- (4 hour day) priced at $500

Package 2: Full Day Couple Intensive (8 hours, includes a 1 hour lunch break) priced at $900

Package 3: Couples Intensive Weekend (Friday 6 PM- Sunday 12 PM) $1695, includes hotel and meals.

To inquire about or to schedule a Couples Intensive, call us today at (804) 536-7232

Healing from Intimacy Betrayal  

3 Day Intensive

Are you a spouse or in a relationship with someone who is struggling with compulsive sexuality or addiction?  Has your marriage or relationship been impacted by infidelity? Regardless of the type of behavior, be it one affair, multiple affairs or addiction, we recognize the betrayal and hurt, and the significant impact this has had on you and your relationship.  What you are experiencing is trauma, and you do not have to work through the trauma alone.  

We have designed a 3-day intensive for women in a relationship impacted by intimacy betrayal. Participating enables you the opportunity to experience the progress of 3 to 6 months of weekly counseling sessions in this one intensive.  

This intensive focuses on you and helping you heal from the pain of betrayal.  In this intensive, you will be joined by others (between 2-3 other women) who have and are experiencing this same kind of trauma.  You will receive, in an atmosphere of safety, authentic support, understanding, and compassion, as you work through the trauma associated with betrayal. 

You will learn the following and much more:
– What trauma looks like and practical ways to heal from it

-Why your spouse/partner’s addiction IS NOT about you
– Tools for coping
– Understanding of the addiction cycle
– What addiction, partner, and couple recovery looks like
– Steps to build trust and forgiveness
– How to develop a healthy support system
– Steps to rebuild self-esteem
– Process of deciding whether to stay in the relationship
– How to make sure the kids are okay

-Additional resources to continue along the healing journey

2024 Healing From Betrayal Intensives will be held during the following months:



Cost: $1650.00 (Includes lodging and meals)

Be sure to check our Upcoming Events page for specific dates and additional information.