couple counseling

Discovering one’s partner has been unfaithful to you and to the relationship can be a very challenging and frightening experience.  This form of intimacy betrayal can leave one emotionally, physically, and even spiritually incapacitated.  The myriad of emotions experienced- from shock, feeling numb, to anger, mistrust, and even rage, can further compound the situation. For the partner who has been unfaithful, the guilt, remorse, and even shame can also be overwhelming.

You are not alone.  There is hope for you as well as for your marriage.  Behind The Veil Consultations Pllc offers couples the opportunity to work through the challenges couples face as a result of infidelity.  .

In a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere, fostering emotional safety, couples will be empowered to work through the guilt, shame and pain infidelity brings. We will walk along side you to build a roadmap to healing and recovery for you as well as your relationship.