Groups Offered


Group therapy provides treatment in a format where there are typically 1-2 therapists and 3-8 participants with related problems. It is essential to be connected to people while you take the transformational journey through the challenges and issues of life, group therapy provides the community needed to experience emotional safety, while obtaining support, unconditional positive regard and understanding. It is also within the group that trust is learned as well as given. One also discovers that just as they receive from others within the group, they also give to others within the group.

We offer various types of groups and workgroups throughout the year to address a myriad of situations.  To find out which groups are either forming or currently taking place, visit Upcoming Events, and/or see the bottom of the page.


These groups are for men in all stages of recovery from sexual addiction. The group is both psycho-educational and process oriented and is designed to be a place where men in active recovery can gain insight, knowledge, and support in a safe environment. The group will utilize the book Final Freedom and 101 Freedom Exercises workbook authored by renown sex addiction expert, Doug Weiss, Ph.D. 


This group for women struggling with compulsive sexuality issues  . This group is both psycho educational and process oriented and is designed to be a safe place where women in active recovery can gain insight, knowledge, support, and encouragement in a non-judgmental and accepting environment. The group will utilize various resources including She Has A Secret by sex addiction expert Doug Weis, Ph. D,  as well as materials by various other experts.  



These groups are for women who have been betrayed through infidelity whether sexual addiction is present or not. The group is psycho-educational and process oriented. It is meant as a place where individuals can come together in an atmosphere of validation and support to understand as well as work through the trauma incurred as a result of the betrayal, better understand the intense feelings they are experiencing, to better understand the dynamics and reasons for the infidelity.   The group utilizes several different books to gain knowledge and insight about infidelity, sexual compulsivity, and betrayal within the context of the couple relationship. Group participants also receive support as they rediscover themselves as individuals, as they work towards making decisions about themselves and their relationship. 



These groups are for couples who have experienced infidelity in their relationship – regardless of whether an addiction is present or not. The group is process oriented but will utilize various books such as Surviving Infidelity by Gloria Harris and Rona Subotnik, and After the Affair: Healing the Pain and Rebuilding Trust When a Partner Has Been Unfaithful, by Janis Abrahms Springs, Ph.D, to facilitate discussion and enable participants to gain further insight and knowledge into couple dynamics and how infidelity has impacted their most important relationship. Couples will come together in an atmosphere of safety and community, fostering  support, to gain valuable tools and encouragement regarding the journey of healing they are on.